XL blue LED Transilluminator and Large Imaging Enclosure for Smartphone Cameras?

  • I am interested in purchasing the XL blue LED transilluminator, and the description below this product states that it is possible to use this with the imaging enclosure for smartphone cameras. However, when I go to the webpage for the imaging enclosures - the only sizes available are mini, midi and large. Is the large size enclosure compatible with the XL transilluminator?

  • Yes, the XL transilluminator does fit inside the imaging enclosure. It is a snug fit, but it works. Unlike the Small, Midi and Large transilluminator, you do have to take the door off in order to take the transilluminator in/out of the enclosure. But if you are planning on keeping it in there most of the time this shouldn't be an issue I would think.
    There is an adapter we ship with the XL version, which is not a frame but a base plate for the transilluminator to sit on.
    I have added the Extra Large XL option to the product page now, so you should be able to select it.

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