Software installation troubles

  • I just got my LED and sensor boards from you folks and I'm trying to build the colorimeter. I think you folks are out of stock on the complete package colorimeter so I'm kind of starting from scratch. I have my own Arduino Uno and I've been able to upload the firmware however I've been having trouble with the software for the GUI. I have the latest version of Python on my computer (I have Windows 10) and tried running from my terminal (using --> python But it says that there is no module named PyQt4 so I tried downloading that and it has trouble installing. I'm supposed to run 'python' but it gives me and error that says "Could not find qmake configuration file win32-msvc2008." I tried looking up this error online and there are a few solutions but I haven't been able to get them to work (e.g. manually pass --spec win32-msvc). I figured I might have better luck asking you folks.



  • @liliagwc

    You can download the colorimeter python software as a single executable (packaged using pyinstaller) from here

  • @Will-Dickson

    If you want to install the software from source you can get some prebuilt wheel packages for windows here

    Note, the colorimeter software only supports python 2.7 at this time. So you will want to have python 2.7 installed and you will want a version of PyQt4 with cp=27 in the name.

  • Oh that's great! I tried the single executable file and it worked. I guess I had trouble finding that earlier. Thanks so much Will!

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