Anyone at the store?

  • Hi! I have tried to contact IORodeo team via contact form on the store website. No answer. How can I get in touch with you?

  • @mariana

    Hi Mariana,

    In response to your questions.

    Q. Is Rodeostat ready for use? Do I have to do something to make it operational?

    It is ready to use. The teensy 3.2 on the Rodeostat comes pre-programmed with the potentiostat firmware. Software is available for the host PC in the form of a Python library and a web app.

    Q. What accessories (if any) does one need to work with Rodeostat? (Assume I have reference electrode and some ugly, home made three-electrode cell).

    That should be sufficient. The Rodeostat comes with cables for connecting to the electrodes. It also in includes a 50k dummy cell for testing the device.

    Q. Is the software for Rodeostat paid or free?

    The Rodeostat firmware and software are both open source and free. The source for the firmware and software are available in projects repository on bitbucket here The teensy 3.2 comes pre-programmed with the device firmware.

    Q Is this software available for Linux (Debian or Ubuntu/Xubuntu)?

    Yes. There is a Python library and a web app. Both will work on linux

    Python library:
    Web App:

    Q. What are Rodeostat current ranges?

    The Rodeostat has four current ranges +/- 1uA, +/-10uA, +/-100uA and +/-1000uA

    Q. What will be the price for delivery of Rodeostat from your store location to my country?

    You can get the price + shipping costs from our online store during the checkout procedure

    Q. If I buy Rodeostat, do I have to pay VAT and customs?


  • @Will-Dickson Thank you!

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