Illumination intensity

  • Hi, I'm thinking of using the gel box for an alternate purpose and would like to control its illumination intensity by lowering it by various amounts. I have access to a standard lab power supply that can provide constant voltage or current. Could I lower the intensity of the gel box by lowering the delivered voltage or current, and if so, which is the best (voltage or current) to hold constant?

  • @bah

    For the LED transilluminator adjusting either voltage or current should work for reducing the intensity. However, I think adjusting the current would be the most effective approach and would give you a bit better control of the intensity. Be careful not to overcurrent the LEDs and they can be damaged.

  • Great. Thank you so much. I have the large LED transilluminator. What would be the max reasonable current to make sure not to go above this amount? In general, I'm trying to get illuminations of perhaps 10% of what the DC adaptor supplied is creating. However, I want to make sure I don't start at a current too high.
    Many thanks.

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