Clibration problem

  • Hello Dear,
    When i am Place a cuvette with your ‘blank’ measurement (e.g. water) inside the colorimeter and click the button calibration then the software gives error [0, calibration failed] please help me.
    Thank You!

  • @robotsandi

    As a test try calibrating with no cuvette the device and with the slider open so that light sensor is exposed to the room light. Does the calibration/blanking procedure run? Do the you see the LEDs flash?

  • @Will-Dickson Can you explain the uses of 500 samples.

  • @robotsandi

    The light sensor used by the colorimeter is a light to frequency converter which returns the squarewave with frequency directly proportional to the light intensity. The number of samples setting (for example 500) sets the number of pulses which will used in order to measure the frequency. The period of all the pulses sampled is then averaged in order to determine the frequency (light intensity).

  • @Will-Dickson I am having the same problem mentioned here and I get the same error and do not see LEDs flash when I try to calibrate with the slider open.

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