LCD display problem

  • Hello

    I have a problem using the files you provide for the mcu program.
    If I upload the CheapStat_111810_EEPROM.hex file, it's working fine. However, if I try the same with the flash one CheapStat_111810.hex or if I build a new version, the display doesn't work properly (bad picture of it). During the first seconds, "Cheapstat" is displayed correctly however. This is only when the main menu should appear that it goes wrong. And when I randomly navigate, I sometime see the "edit / start" page.
    Would you have an idea of what it is ?
    Thanks in advance

  • Ok, I realised this morning that I need both the flash and EEPROM files loaded on the apparatus. Yep, I'm a beginner in AVR :)
    Also, I found that the initialisation of the different profiles on the EEPROM are in comment in the source file CheapStat_v2.c (from line 260). That's why no profiles appear in the main menu. So if you want to rebuild a flash and eeprom file, you need to remove the comments from this section.
    When I'll finally understand all of this, I'll post my code. I'm trying to implement ASV.

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