ASV program

  • I've made a few changes to the 111810 mcu program in order to implement an ASV procedure. If you are interested, it's here.
    What was changed:

    • ACV and CA methods removed.
    • changed SWV to SWASV and SWCSV (with an changeable accumulation time + settle time of 2s).
    • display of accumulation, settle and scan during the different steps of SWV (so it's possible to start and stop stirring during the different steps).
    • Calculation of DAC in SWV changed from *(2048/1600)+2048 to *(4096/3300)+2048 to make it similar to CV, LSV and ConstVoltage (I am not sure why it was different in the first place, maybe someone can tell).
    • different default settings for the methods. All methods use the 0-50µA default settings. I don't know why but it seems that the imposed potential with the 0-10µA range gets false very fast (false for E<-0.45V with 0-10µA and false for E<-0.75V with 0-50µA).
    • modified the increments to change the settings of the methods (e.g. modification of the frequency in the SWV is made with a +-5Hz increment instead of +-1Hz).
    • exchanged the edit and start position in the profile_opt menu. It avoids to start the methods inadvertently when selecting a method.

    I have not tried all the methods. If something is not working, please let me know.

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