Cyclic voltammetric: Is it possible to include a true analog scan?

  • Hello there,
    I have read that digital potentiostats cannot apply a true linear waveform, but instead, the scan in cyclic voltammetry is generting by a sequence of discrete steps (staircase scan).
    However, since I need to study the adsorption of a molecule onto an electrode, I would need to use a true linear ramp (Analog scan). Is it possible to include a true analog scan into the rodeostat? any help with that? thank you!

  • @amgomezma

    Unfortunately, it isn't possible to do a true linear ramp with the Rodeostat. It uses a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) to set the analog output value and so the output will always be in discrete steps where the minimum possible step value set by the resolution of the DAC.

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