Through Hole Soldering

  • Soldering is one among the foremost basic skills required to dabble within the world of natural philosophy. the 2 go along like peas and carrots. And, though it's potential to find out concerning and build natural philosophy with no need to select up a hand tool, you’ll shortly discover that a full new world is opened with this one easy ability. we tend to here at SparkFun believe that attachment ought to be a ability in everyone’s arsenal. in a very world of accelerating technological surroundings, we tend to believe it's vital that individuals all over be able to not solely perceive the technologies they use everyday however even be able to build, alter, and fix them furthermore. attachment is one among several skills which will empower you to try to to simply that.

    In this tutorial we are going to re-evaluate the fundamentals of through-hole soldering – additionally referred to as plated through-hole soldering (PTH), discuss the tools required, re-evaluate techniques for correct attachment, and show you wherever you'll be able to go from there. we are going to additionally discuss process because it pertains to through-hole soldering and provides you some tips and tricks which will create fixing any piece of natural philosophy a breeze.

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