Rodeostat PCB assembled and Teensy 3.2

  • Hi every one,
    I am a student. I am researching about Microbial Fuel Cell. I am going to measure Cyclic Voltammetry. Im finding a device for my purpose. I think Rodeostat is Good for me. But with my budget, I want to buy Rodeostat PCB assembled and Teensy 3.2, beacause the Cost for shipping around 100 USD.
    I would like to ask everyone. When I buy Rodeostat PCB assembled and Teensy 3.2. Can I connect Teensy 3.2 into Rodeostat PCB assembled? And It is enough to be ready for use or I need to buy something else.
    I hope I will receive your answers.
    Thank you

  • With the assembled Rodeostat PCB (as opposed to the complete device) you have two options for connecting the teensy 3.2.

    1. You can solder the teensy 3.2 directly into the socket on the Rodeostat PCB. This is permanent.

    2. You can solder female headers into socket on the Rodeostat PCB. The correct headers can be found here, items numbers 35, 36. 37.

    In addition you will need to program the teensy 3.2 with the Rodeostat firmware. This can be done with the Arduino IDE.

    The assembled Rodeostat PCB doesn't come with any cables for connecting the Rodeostat to your test cell or screen printed electrodes.

    Finally, you may want a dummy cell for get the Rodeostat running, tests, etc.

  • @Will-Dickson
    Thank you very much.

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