Welcome to the new IO Rodeo Forums

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    Welcome to the new IO Rodeo forums

    Today we launched the IO Rodeo Forums as a place to ask us questions and join discussions about our open source lab equipment and projects.

    Our aim in launching this Forum is that over time it will become a valuable resource for people interested in open source science equipment and DIYBio and grow to become a place to view frequently asked questions and discussions about our products. Hopefully it will also serve as a place to learn about us and what projects we are working on !

    While we prefer and encourage general questions about our products on this public Forum, we do also still have a private Contact Form where you can get in touch with us directly for specific questions like quotes requests etc.

    For those interested, we are using NodeBB Forum Software for this Community.

    We welcome new Users and look forward to hearing questions and starting discussions on the areas covered in this Forum.

    Thanks !
    Jo and Will

  • thank you for this thread, for the new ones, thanks a lot

  • Hi thank you, your thread is very helpful for beginners

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