Having trouble with the colorimeter software? A couple of tips...

  • I just assembled my kit and achieved "first light" on Windows 10. I learned a couple of things that might help others who are just getting started

    #1 You don't have to install Pyton, there is an executable
    Do not overlook the precompiled binary if you want to get going quickly.

    #2 If your Windows exe doesn't seem to be working right check the scaling settings
    I fired up the app and the window looked like this, and I couldn't get it to do anything.

    alt text

    I found that the window was mangled because the exe was not handling my 4k display well. I fixed this by turning on the Windows "High DPI Scaling Override."

    • Right-click and do Properties on the exe
    • Hit the Compatibility tab
    • Hit the Change High DPI settings button
    • Check High DPI scaling override
    • In the menu, select System (Enhanced)
    • OK and Apply your way out

    alt text

    Once I did that and restarted, the app looked like this, and I was able to start the Basic program and calibrate with water.

    alt text

    I hope this helps someone!

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