Need high current for Supercap CV testing

  • I've seen reference to changing the current ranges with resistors R9, R12....

    1. How much current can the hardware source or sink safely?
    2. I need to get currents in the range of 50ma and up to 3V.

    I'm running various tests on electrolyte / electrode materials for symmetric supercaps.
    Thanks for your help.

  • @Dennis

    The control amplifier on the cheapstat uses the TLC2264 op amp According to the spec. sheet this has maximum output current of +/- 50mA.

    You might be able to get output voltages as high as 3V if you only care about unipolar output. The cheapstat is a 3.3V device. The the potentiostat circuit uses the REF voltage as its effective "ground". The value of REF is set via DAC1 on the microcontroller. By default this is set to the mid-point voltage 3V/2 = 1.65V. This allows for symmetric positive and negative voltage output - e.g. -1.65V to 1.65V (at least from the hardware). You could modify the firmware and change the value of REF to be 0V. It which case you could output 0 to 3.3V. Also, you may need to make some other firmware changes - to the various test parameters - in order to get this to work.

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