LSV for monitoring corrosion in carbon steel

  • Re: Using voltammetry to monitor corrosion

    We recently purchased 2 units of cheapstats to monitor corrosion in carbon steel plates. Our setup involves a "plate material evaluating cell" as shown in this link:

    We used carbon steel as WE, Ag/AgCl as RE, and platinum as CE. Electrolyte used is 0.3 M NaCl solution. We employed LSV from -990 to +990 mV with scan rate of 10 mV per second, and were able to retrieve data via USB. We got negative values of current until -800 or -700 mV, followed by a quick increase to +1600 value of current. We know the limit of cheapstat is at 50 mA (read from this forum; Rowe's 2011 paper stated its 50 uA so I think there's a change in hardware since then), but the constant +1600 current value makes no sense. Is this in nA, uA, or in mA?

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