Getting colorimeter software up to date?

  • I'm planning on buying a colorimeter at the end of the month, but have found the Windows version of the software still hasn't been updated to reflect the fix that allows the user to access all the features. (noted in another post that a fixed build was imminent a few months ago).

    I use Manjaro on my laptop and can't complete the install because Qt4 is deprecated, and they also note that python 2.7 will be deprecated at the end of the year. Can we get python 3 and qt5 support?

  • Yay, got it installed via the Arch User Repo. Not the optimal choice, but will do. :)

  • @CaseyWagner

    Do you mean you did an Arch Linux install just to get this working, and gave up on Windows?

  • @horseflesh @CaseyWagner

    I've put a new version (0.6) of the colorimeter software up on the download site here

    This is an upgrade of the software from Python2 to Python3 and from PyQt4 to PyQt5. It was a pretty big upgrade and there could still be some bugs lurking. If you run into any let me know and I will try to deal with them as quickly as possible. However, supporting the Python2/PyQt4 version of the colorimeter software was starting to get to be too difficult so I really needed to upgrade.

    I bundled the python software into a single executable using pyinstaller. The final executable came out kind of large (200MB) which results in a bit of a slow application launch. I'll see if I can reduce the size in the future, but I didn't want this to stand in the way of getting you something to work with.


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