Arsenic detection using rodeostat

  • Hi good people,

    I have recently purchased the rodeostat and am trying to develop a method for total arsenic measurement in groundwater using constant voltage and lineair stripping voltammetry. As I'm still very much in the beginning phase, I am reaching out to ask if people have any experience doing this. I'm getting good responses when perfoming cyclic voltammetry in DI water + H2SO4 0.1M, with the rodeostat software.

    But when I'm trying to measure As(III) (or total As), I can't use the rodeostat software since it doesn't allow two subsequent commands (for example constant voltage followed by direct LSV). So far I have no luck programming in python.

    Asking for help with either the rodeostat software or experience with measuring arsenic.

    Have a good day!

  • @MartijnE

    I can't really help with the arsenic measurement, but I can help you create a Python program for your tests. Could you provide some details regarding the tests you want to perform ?

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