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  • Hello,

    I was looking into blue light LED transilluminators when I came across your site. We have a gel system that is bigger than the large transilluminator size you have, could you make one larger than that one? We don't have any way to make it ourselves and not so much cash to spare either... Our gels are 25 x 10 cm (about 10'' x 4'') large so it would be good to have a slightly wider transilluminator. Even if wider it should still fit inside the enclosure, right?

    Please do let me know if this is possible!


  • Hi Tiago,
    One option would be to use two of the large 14 cm x 14 cm LED arrays. If you place them side-by-side as shown in the image below, there is not much of a gap between the edges of the two arrays, and with the diffusers in place, this should give you an evenly lit large 28 x 14 cm area. This is larger than you need and you would need to use two 18V power supplies but it would get you up and running fairly quickly.

    alt text

    Designing a new LED array to the size you want is an option but would be more expensive as it would require designing the PCBs and having them manufactured. We are abit strapped for time at the moment and are not taking on any new projects at this time but we could certainly offer advice.

    As far as the imaging enclosure, I did a quick check and the two large arrays just fit into the current design.

    alt text

    This is a top-down image showing the field of view:
    alt text

    Because it is such a tight fit, you could mount the LED boards, the diffusers, the blue filter and a clear acrylic cover for placing the gel directly into the imaging enclosure. This would be more of a permanent imaging enclosure set-up. We could help you set this up and design the larger parts you would need.

    Hope this helps !

  • @Jo
    Hi Jo and Happy New Year! :)

    This may be as good as it gets and, from my side, it looks pretty good. We just need to get a way to assembly the boards in such a way as to keep then secure. I don't mind that it's going to be permanently in the box, so long as we can put our heads inside to have a look (and cut bands) it's perfectly alright. If you could help me devise a way to enclose it so that it's safe to put a (mildly) wet gel on top I'll be happy to take it from there.


  • Hi Tiago. Great, sounds good. We should be able to do this. Could you send me an email at jo@iorodeo.com and we can discuss this further. Thanks !

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