Use for aquaponics

  • Hi,
    I want to use the kit to control an aquaponic farm.
    Could not understand if the kit is complete or I need to buy a separate calibration kit.
    Thank you

  • Hi IO Rodeo folks,
    19 days and no replies !

  • Hi Theodoros,
    So, the kit is just for making a small arduino-compatible colorimeter. It includes the hardware for making the device, which is a LED and sensor board, Arduino shield board and the enclosure hardware (plastic parts, screws, nuts etc.). There is open source firmware for the Arduino and software for acquiring data on your PC. Check out the documentation here:

    For each aquaponics measurement you want to run with the colorimeter, you will need to supply your own reagents. We have carried out a few calibration tests for common aquaponics tests like ammonia, but I highly recommend that you make your own calibration curves with your own reagents.

    Hope that helps !

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