Will we get a new precompiled exe for Windows?

  • When I got my colorimeter, the v5 exe was crashing on Windows 10, so we had to use v4.

    Will there be another precompiled executable?

  • I've put a new version (0.6) of the colorimeter software up on the download site here https://bitbucket.org/iorodeo/colorimeter/downloads/colorimeter-v06.exe

    This is an upgrade of the software from Python2 to Python3 and from PyQt4 to PyQt5. It was a pretty big upgrade and there could still be some bugs lurking. If you run into any let me know and I will try to deal with them as quickly as possible. However, supporting the Python2/PyQt4 version of the colorimeter software was starting to get to be too difficult so I really needed to upgrade.

    I bundled the python software into a single executable using pyinstaller. The final executable came out kind of large (200MB) which results in a bit of a slow application launch. I'll see if I can reduce the size in the future, but I didn't want this to stand in the way of getting you something to work with.


  • is good to have you guys,, pending to keep the site functional

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