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    I am just starting out with the colorimeter. When I try to run v05, I am having the same issue that was listed in previous postings. I can get v04 to run on Windows 10 (after having run it through compatibility mode, but the plotting and other functions don't seem to display properly). I downloaded the versions available on Bitbucket. Were these updated as was indicated in earlier posts because I am still having this same issue.

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    Hi, we have been working on the software updates and it should be ready in the next day or two. I will post here soon with more information but we are working hard on fixing the issues. Thank you so much for your patience ! We will keep you posted.
    -- Jo

  • @admin & @administrators, what is your timeline on completing this update and releasing executables for Windows & MacOS?

    I know of many users who are waiting for a version that works on Windows 10 (most can get v0.4 to work in compatibility mode, but not all for some reason, and also v0.4 has bugs that were fixed in v0.5).

    Also, please update the documentation at There are some typos/errors, including references to the "Concentration Program", which has been renamed to the "Measurement Program".

    We are all very much looking forward to these updates! Thanks.

  • @aufdenkampe @horseflesh @RRobertson

    I've put a new version (0.6) of the colorimeter software up on the download site here

    This is an upgrade of the software from Python2 to Python3 and from PyQt4 to PyQt5. It was a pretty big upgrade and there could still be some bugs lurking. If you run into any let me know and I will try to deal with them as quickly as possible. However, supporting the Python2/PyQt4 version of the colorimeter software was starting to get to be too difficult so I really needed to upgrade.

    I bundled the python software into a single executable using pyinstaller. The final executable came out kind of large (200MB) which results in a bit of a slow application launch. I'll see if I can reduce the size in the future, but I didn't want this to stand in the way of getting you something to work with.


  • @Will-Dickson, thank you! It works for me on my Windows 10 machine!

    I did have some initial connectivity issues, and because my Arduino IDE was old, I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of the Arduino IDE to get the latest Windows drivers. The connectivity issues disappeared after that and a reboot.

    It even looks looks like you fixed the units issue mentioned in! Thanks.

    I'll be happy to provide bug reports for me and the people I'm working with.

    I'm also looking forward to having a new v0.6 installer for MacOS, but I appreciate that you prioritized the more pressing Windows issues first.

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