Mini gel electrophoresis box

  • I have the mini blue LED transilluminator from IO Rodeo. I'm thinking of purchasing the min gel electrophoresis box. Will the transilluminator fit under the mini gel electrophoresis box such that I can visualize gels as they are running? Does the color of the electrophoresis box (blue vs others) matter for such application? Thanks!

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    @yogeshkd The mini LED transilluminator does fit under the electrophoresis box. I have attached an image for example below. You can use this set-up to visualize gels as they are running if you place the amber lid from the transilluminator onto the gel box lid or use amber glasses. The gel box color does not matter, so you can choose either blue, green or amber. Hope that helps !

    alt text

  • This is perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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