Installing the Multiplexer Expansion Board

  • Hello! I'm very new with Rodeostat, but I'm interested in connecting my newly purchased multiplexer expansion board to my existing Rodeostat. I already checked out the hardware guide and getting started guide. I'm a bit confused, though, in one part of the "Getting Started Guide": that is, how to connect the +/-12V power on the multiplexer to the Rodeostat since my Rodeostat indicates +/- 15 V on its board and has no pre-installed pins. Is my Rodeostat compatible with the multiplexer? Or what modifications would you recommend so I could install the multiplexer expansion board?


  • @bucoloco

    Yes, you can connect the +/-15V on the rodeostat to the +/-12V on the multiplexer.

    Earlier revisions of the Rodeostat used a +/-15V DC-DC converter to provide the power rails for the op amps on the Rodeostat. Whereas, more recent revisions us a +/-12V DC-DC converter. The multiplexer is labeled to match the more recent versions of the Rodeostat. However, the multiplexer will operate fine on +/-15V.

  • yes, it definetely it is compatible

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