Software retain serial address?

  • The address for the serial port always resets to /dev/tty.usbmodem upon opening the colorimeter software. I have looked through the arduino sketches, but do not see a place to designate the port name. Can someone direct me to this? Most of the time the device will be used on one computer, so I would like to change this default.

  • @fisherba

    This wouldn't be in the Arduino sketch - it is in the Python software that run on the host computer. In particular see the file in "python/Colorimeter/colorimeter/" sub-directory in the repository

    The default ports are set on lines 8-10 of as shown below.

    DFLT_PORT_WINDOWS = 'com1' 
    DFLT_PORT_LINUX = '/dev/ttyACM0' 
    DFLT_PORT_DARWIN = '/dev/tty.usbmodem'

    You should be able to change it to whatever you like.

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