I want to monitor 64 electrodes. What limits this capacity?

  • I want to use this potentiostat to monitor activity at 64 electrodes in an array. Is there a limit imposed by the design of the board as is that makes this impossible?

  • I have a similar need. It's probably requires a 64:1 multiplexer. Any input is appreciated!

  • The agreement between the two measures was found to be high, mean difference − 0.23, and the overall repeatability mean bias was 6.6 and 153/163 pairs (94%) were located within the 95% limits of agreement. No major difference was noted in impedance, noise, or artifacts. A large overlap in CSI was noted for each level of the OAAS scale; patients with CSI values as low as 40–50 responded whereas patients not responding to surgical stimulation had CSI values as high as 75. The direct cost of disposables decreased from 4€ to 0.50€ per patient by using ordinary ECG electrodes.

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