Blue transilluminator

  • Do you guys offer options on the blue LEDs used in the transilluminator? There are DNA dyes that would fluoresce better with a more cyan or green LED closer to 510-520nm (see The Biotium website for GelRed which replaces EtBr: I found a 5 mm LED that is aqua colored and 505 nm output ( Can this be a functional substitute?

  • Yes, we can make custom LED boards for the LED transilluminator. You do want to find an LED that has a wide-viewing angle though. The one you have listed from Superbright has a 15 degree viewing angle, and we usually use LEDs with a 120 degree viewing angle. This will allow more uniform lighting. With the small viewing angle you can end up with bright spots.

    We have made boards with this 530 nm LED from Superbright in the past:

    The actual spectra from this LED shows a peak at 518 nm so that might work ? If I recall correctly we used this in combination with a green acrylic filter (in place of the blue) and a red filter above the gel. I haven't tested with GelRed, but I think this could work.
    alt text

  • That sounds great. Could you please send me a quote for an assembled version? Also ETA on shipment?

  • @TheRetroOne said in Blue transilluminator:

    That sounds great. Could you please send me a quote for an assembled version? Also ETA on shipment?

    By the way I'm interested in the Midi sized version of your illuminator (7x14cm viewing)

  • Below are some images of the green LED transilluminator we designed for a custom application using the superbright green LEDs I mentioned earlier. The enclosure is the same as the blue version, we just swap the 470 nm LED for the superbright green LED. A diffuser and green filter is placed over the LEDs as I mentioned.

    alt text

    The red viewing filter that sits above the LED board is actually a thin film Roscolux #26 filter which we laser cut.
    alt text

    Because it is thin, we have to support it. We can do this using a black frame.
    alt text

    Let me know what you think and whether this would work for your application.

    We would be able to ship approx. a week after ordering. The lead-time would be on purchasing the LEDs from Superbright. Once we receive the LEDs we would ship 1-2 days later. The cost would be $225 for the fully assembled version with the 18V power supply. So it would be ready to use. I can send you a formal quote if you want to send me an email with your shipping info to

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