CV with 5% Ethanol

  • I tried out CV with Ethanol, but however, the plot I obtained is weird. The parameters I have used are as follows:

    curr_range = '1uA' # The name of the current range [-100uA, +100uA]
    sample_rate = 10.0 # The number of samples/second to collect

    volt_min = -1.0 # The minimum voltage in the waveform (V)
    volt_max = 1.0 # The maximum voltage in the waveform (V)
    volt_per_sec = 0.1 # The rate at which to transition from volt_min to volt_max (V/s)
    num_cycles = 1 # The number of cycle in the waveform

    I will attach the plot for your reference alt text

    Do I have to calibrate the device using the dummy cell? I read a post saying Rodeostat doesn't require calibration.
    link text

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