Parameters of LED Transilluminator amber filter

  • Hi,
    I'm looking for a cheap way to visualize eGFP which has excitation max around 480 nm and emmision max at 510 nm. I think IO Rodeo is suitable for excitation and still not sure if 510 nm can pass through the amber filter while blocking 480 nm. Can you please tell me the specific properties?

  • Hi,
    We recently posted a blog where we measured the amber filter transmission. Here is the blog post:

    Below is a zoomed in version of the %Transmission graph so you can more clearly see transmission in the wavelengths of 400-550 nm.

    alt text

    The % transmission at 480 nm and 510 nm is about 1%. Transmission doesn't start to increase until around 525 nm approx.

    So, this would probably not work for eGFP unfortunately.

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