change output voltage by a little bit

  • Hi I'd like to change the output voltage of the gel electrophoresis power supply so that I can use it with a box with larger separation between electrodes

    From your pcb diagram and the explanation here:

    seems like the way to make it so that the output voltage could be 150V instead of 100V is by altering the voltage divider made up of
    R2(1MOhm) R3(15KOhm) and RV1(0-50KOhm).
    Vout = Vref (R2/(R3 + RV1) + 1), as you report this formula gives a range of ~25-100V.

    If I alter R3 to 10KOhm I get ~27-150V as the range. As far as I can tell I think the rest of the components can handle this - am I correct?

    any help would be great

  • @ak

    That should work. We've made variants which go up to 200V with out any issues.

  • @Will-Dickson
    Would you be kind enough to explain how did you achieved that?

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