Update firmware?

  • When I run get_firmware_version.py, I'm getting 0.0.0. Is there anyway to update the firmware so that I can run the square wave voltammetry test? squareWave is not showing up when I run get_test_names.py. All other tests are currently working.

    I'm using Linux and have installed using pip.

  • Never mind. Realized that I had to upload the potentiostat.ino to the RodeoSTAT. The SWV code is working now but I noticed that it outputs the difference between the forward and reverse currents.

    My coding isn't great but going through the ps_run_squarewave_test.cpp I noticed that sampletest.curr is the difference between the forward and reverse currents. Any pointers on how to:

    1. Get the forward and reverse components on their own?
    2. Pull the current decay behaviour (I_forward and I_reverse vs. t) of each forward and reverse pulse?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • at least you figured it out without altering or making unnecessary changes
    good for you!!!

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