• Re: Other LED colors?

    Hi @admin
    I am working in Zimbabwe and we struggle to get reagents and cost is our main determining factor when using DNA dyes so we would like to continue using EtBr. Can you use the blue light box to view EtBr stained DNA or could you make us a light box with UV LEDs? Many thanks

  • Hi Fiona,
    We have looked into UV LEDs in the past for ethidium bromide, but unfortunately they are just too expensive.
    I have not tried to do a sensitivity comparison for blue light vs. UV light for viewing ethidium bromide gels. I think that probably using a UV transilluminator will be the best option for ethidium bromide gels. We have made UV transilluminators in the past and have some instructions here: http://public.iorodeo.com/docs/uv_transilluminator/. We no longer sell the kit but maybe you can find something useful from the instructions. Otherwise, maybe you can find a supplier of inexpensive UV transilluminators.
    Sorry we could not be more helpful.

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