• Hi,

    Here in the lab we are thinking about changing the way the potentiostat communicates with PC from cable to Bluetooth (BLE).
    The quickest way looks like just using the P13 Expasion Headers serial port and adding a bluetooth
    I have gone over some of the firmware and it seem like it's mainly the ps_message_sender and ps_message_receiver. Is there anything else I should look for in the firmware?
    Has anyone tried it yet?


  • I found the thread. I think that's pretty good start.

  • Ok, so I successfully finished the BLE connection using HM10. Just have to follow the steps provided by franxi2953.
    I was having issues because of my files. I was updating a different version that was being compiled.

  • @rcbb

    Yes with the Rodeostat the best way to add BLE is by using one of the expansion headers. This will require some custom modifications to the firmware.

    Also, we will have another option available soon. We been working on a featherwing format potentiostat called the Rodeostat Featherwing. You can find some images and the design files here .

    The Rodeostat Featherwing is a really stripped down version of the Rodeostat Potentionstat with a single voltage range from -1.65V to 1.65V and a single current range. We will make several current range variants such as +/-1, 10, 100, and 1000 uA.

    You should be able to use the Rodeostat Featherwing with any development board which is compatible with the Adafruit feather Specification . There are tons of different feather development boards available and several have BLE built in such as this and this So this would be an easy way to make an embedded device with both BLE and a potentiostat.

  • Hi Will,

    Thanks for your reply. Actually, I'm following your updates on the bitbucket repo for the featherwing for a while. Haven't seen any firmware for the feather-stat, just for the pHmeter.
    I was taking a look at those options from Adafruit. It definitely looks promising. Will the firmware be similar to the previous one? Or are you migrating to python?

  • @rcbb

    I've been working on firmware examples for the new featherwing. Right now all of the examples use circuitpython. I haven't put in an online repository yet. I will do this in over the next few days. I've been pretty pleased with how well circuitpython has worked for this - very easy and quick to program.

    Right now all of the firmware examples just stream the data back to the host PC over USB. I am also pretty excited about trying to make some standalone devices which use feathers such as the pygamer which have a display, battery connection/charging, SD card, etc. The rodeostat featherwing can be plugged directly into the connector on back. It seems super nice for making a battery powered portable device. The pybadge is also interesting I think both are still available from Digikey.

    We should have the featherwing PCBs available in about two or three weeks. There is some uncertainty on when we will receive the PCBs ... not surprisingly.

  • @Will-Dickson

    Good to hear it. I was actually taking a look at what AD/PalmSens have released, EmStat, and was looking for something more affordable.

    About the BLE integration, I'm running on an unexpected behavior. I set up the connection, but the first time I do a command, it responds as false. The second time I send the the same json command, it returns true.

    I'm testing with "{"command":"getVariant"}". It's just on the first run.


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