Voltammetry Implemented Methods

  • Hello,

    please, can I implement the DPV Method (differential pulse voltammetry) by executing the already implement method "linear sweep voltammetry"? Or should I implement the DPV from scratch?

    Thanks, Marília.

  • @marilia

    We don't have DPV implemented yet. However, we did just add squarewave voltammetry (SWV). I will be putting up some documentation on the squarewave voltammetry shortly.

    I think adding DPV wouldn't be too difficult. I plan to put together some online notes showing how to implement custom tests by modifying the firmware for the teensy. You could have a look at the implementation of the squarewave test in the Rodeostat's firmware here https://bitbucket.org/iorodeo/potentiostat/src as it will be very similay. See the "firmware/libraries/potentiostat" sub-directory. The squarewave test is implemented in ps_squarewave_test.h and ps_squarewave_test.cpp.

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