How to run SquareWave tests with Multichannel Potentiostat

  • It seems that the SquareWave tests are not "MuxCompatible" and this is causing an issue for us as we have only purchased the Potentiostat Plus and we need to run SquareWave tests. Can you please let me know if it's easy to add multiplexer compatibility to the SquareWave tests? If not can you please point me to some examples that I can use SquareWave tests on the plus?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Babak

    This is not currently possible with the current firmware to do the SquareWave test with the multiplexer. Enabling this will require some fairly extensive modifications to the device firmware.

  • The heart of the CheapStat is a closed-loop analog control circuit, capable of regulating electrode voltage with sub-millivolt precision as it measures electrode current with nanoamp precision. This control circuit is driven by an Atmel XMEGA microcontroller containing a Digital to Analog Converter and an Analog to Digital Converter of sufficient precision to support the relevant voltage waveform generation and current quantification. Coupled to this microcontroller a Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter to Universal Serial Bus (USB) chip provides a convenient interface between this microcontroller and a data analysis computer via a USB port. An operational amplifier feedback system sets the voltage across the electrochemical cell and supplies the current needed to drive the electrochemical reaction. We employed Texas Instruments TLC2262CP operational amplifiers (Mouser Electronics) in the CheapStat because they are low power and require little input current. Specifically, these amplifiers have an input bias current of only 1pA, which permits reliable sensing of low nanoamp currents.

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