Which analog section of the rodeostat that is performing the chronoamperometry

  • Please let me know on which analog section of the rodeostat that is performing the chronoamperometry. Please share some images/videos with detailed description.


  • There isn't a special section of the Rodeostat hardware which is specific to chronoamperometry vs some other test such as like say cyclic voltammetry as the same hardware is exactly the same for all tests. The tests are implemented in firmware on the teensy 3.2..

  • I believe teensy 3.2 is a micro processor rit ? ans it just obeys the python code?

    Can u please share the circuit diagram ?

  • From my comprehension of chronoamperometry, the applied voltage is regarding the reference terminal which bodes well that the affidavit ought to happen fundamentally on the working anode, while the counter cathode serves to finish the circuit. In any case, I might want to realize is it conceivable to accomplish an in any event, covering on the counter anode simply like how it is on the functioning terminal? All runs I had so far shows rather lopsided coatings that increments with applied voltage.


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