Screen Printed Electrode Edge Connector Part No.

  • Howdy! I'm looking to find some edge connectors use with Zensor and Dropsens screen printed electrodes, and I saw y'all sell connectors for them for the rodeostat. Do you have a part number for the 2 connectors (just the piece connecting to the SPE)? Searching digikey hasn't turned up much, and I don't have a Rodeostat, so purchasing your adapters won't get me too far. Thanks!

  • Thanks @Will-Dickson! Interesting, what was holding me up in finding edge connectors was the thickness of the DropSens and Zensor SPEs - .02" (.051mm). Seems like all the edge connectors are for 0.054"" ~ 0.070"" thick cards. But you're still able to make contact with the thinner SPEs? Or do you shove a shim in there as well?

    Anybody have a part number for the type-C adapter?

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    You need to put a shim/spacer in there for good contact. Sometimes the SPEs come with it, otherwise you can just cut a little bit of card stock.

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