UV diffusion

  • I currently building a UV transilluminatorbased on your previous design. Can you tell me where to source to proper UV transmitting diffusion material? Thanks.

  • Wow. I would like to apologize for me poor sentence structure and word spacing on my original query. I was on mobile, and apparently have very fat fingers and proof reading skills.

  • So, for the diffuser we used Solacryl, which is a clear UV-transmissive acrylic (1/8" thick). We then use a hand-held sander to sand both sides of the material. After sanding, give the materail a rinse in water and this makes a pretty good UV-transmissive diffuser.

    You can search online for Solacryl material. In my experience it is not that expensive, but you will have to buy a sheet and cut it to the size you need. We have bought our Solacryl sheets from a company called Loop Acrylics in the US. You can contact them by email at acrylicsbyloop@gmail.com. I hope that helps !

  • Outstanding! That is pretty close to what I wanted to do.

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