The Rodeostat FeatherWing does use slightly lower cost components than the Rodoestat in order to keep costs down. However, overall the accuracy of the Rodeostat FeatherWing is fairly comparable to the Rodeostat. The main differences are as follows.

The Rodeostat FeatherWing has a more limited fixed voltage output range (+/- 1.65V) whereas the Rodeostat has a four voltage ranges which can selected via software(+/- 1, 2, 5, 10V).

The Rodeostat FeatherWing comes in a single fixed current range, which is specified at time of purchase, whereas the current range for the Rodeostat can be selected via software (+/- 1, 10, 100, 1000) .

Finally, the Rodeostat is a complete USB instrument which comes preprogrammed with firmware and can be controlled from the host PC using our python library or with Webapp software. In contrast the Rodeostat FeatherWing is designed to be used as an expansion board and only works when connected to a Feather development board, such as Adafruit's Feather M4 Express, PyBadge or PyGamer. You need to write your own firmware for controlling the Rodestat FeatherWing on the Feather development board.