@nbuerkle At the moment the G3 FlyPanels will only work with single color LED matrices, but you can get the single color matrices in a variety of colors red, green, blues, etc.

In addition I have designed some custom LED matrices which are a mix uv (365nm) and green (570nm) LEDs in a chess board type arrangement. There are some images available on our archive site here http://archive.iorodeo.com/content/mixed-uvgreen-8x8-led-array The design files are available here https://bitbucket.org/iorodeo/panels_led_arrays/src - see the LED array mixed sub-directory.

I also have some LED matrix designs for 3mm and 5mm through hole LEDs that can work with the panels. With these you could use whatever combination of LEDs you like. Some images are available here http://archive.iorodeo.com/content/panels-led-arrays. Again , the design files can be found in bitbucket repository given above See the led_array_3mm and led_array_5mm sub-directories. Note, there are some additional adapters/spacers required to connect these to panels.

We don't currently sell assembled versions of the above custom PCBs as a product. However, the gerber files are available in the repositories listed above if you would like to have some made.