Below are some images of the green LED transilluminator we designed for a custom application using the superbright green LEDs I mentioned earlier. The enclosure is the same as the blue version, we just swap the 470 nm LED for the superbright green LED. A diffuser and green filter is placed over the LEDs as I mentioned.

The red viewing filter that sits above the LED board is actually a thin film Roscolux #26 filter which we laser cut.

Because it is thin, we have to support it. We can do this using a black frame.

Let me know what you think and whether this would work for your application.

We would be able to ship approx. a week after ordering. The lead-time would be on purchasing the LEDs from Superbright. Once we receive the LEDs we would ship 1-2 days later. The cost would be $225 for the fully assembled version with the 18V power supply. So it would be ready to use. I can send you a formal quote if you want to send me an email with your shipping info to