Hi Yvonne,

There is a feature comparison between the Rodeostat and the Cheapstat here https://iorodeo.com/blogs/news/potentiostat-comparison

The Rodeostat currently has the following tests implemented in firmware: cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep, constant voltage, chronoamperometry, sinusoidal voltammetry, multistep voltammetry.

In addition the Rodeostat can be controlled in direct/manual mode where the potential is set directly from the python program on the host PC.

Documentation for the python library used to communicate with the Rodeostat can be found here:

Documentation for the various tests (implemented in the Rodeostat firmware) can be found here:

Examples demonstrating how run tests and how to use direct/manual mode can be found here:

Also, if there is a specific test you are interested in which isn't in the existing firmware let me know. It is very likely that I can add it for you.

I'm currently working on a software with a GUI for the Rodeostat. So you should be able to use it fairly soon without any programming.